The After Disaster

Mike made an awkward joke around rich people, Tyler has a new life mantra he's not at all following, and Anderson denigrates an entire population of great, hard working business owners. SAD!

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Anderson calls in from beautiful Bellevue, Washington to regale us with tales from the road. Plus we come up with a wonderful/questionable new business ideas and muse about our life on a deserted island.


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Anderson's bed delivery took a strange turn, Mike thinks he was exploited by a beggar, and we finally read the JLC letter and boy does it contain some doozies. 


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Anderson had his day in court, Tyler had his night at the Emmys, and Mike will never be on SNL.



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Mike had a breakthrough in therapy, Anderson has a bone to pick with 2019, and Tyler proposes a cockamamie new adventure for the podcast to embark upon.


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Tyler's back from Hawaii, Mike and Anderson have weird gym stories and we call a listener who needed some very special assistance.


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With TyTy on an airplane headed back to Los Angeles, Mike and Anderson follow their instincts and things get intimate.

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Two guests with tales from Mike's sordid past join in, *someone* in Anderson's car did a no no near a red light camera,  TyTy is in studio (but also in Hawaii??) and we got... SOME MAIL.

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(Recorded 8/6/2019)

It's the show where we talk about the live show and the shit show after aforementioned show!

It's also the show where we talk about how ruthless toddlers can be, how annoyed first responders can be, and how horrific a Nevadan McDonalds can be on a Sunday drive home from Las Vegas.

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Skirts, smelling salts, and oh so many regrets!

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This week:
- Tyty is in Palm Springs and sounds awful.
- Mike likes all any and all waffles
- Anderson sucks per usual.
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Tyty is in London so Mike and Anderson are free to talk about what they really want to talk about, absolute and utter nonsense, so it's business as usual. 

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Anderson went to the snow, TyTy is easy to work with, Mike muses about toes and the podcast came perilously close to being ripped apart by the loss of a beloved member.


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We've got the KYLEBOARD, we're smashing record and never looking back. We're (still) talking SPAAACE, Anderson had a run-in with the law, Mike visited a famous death site, and TyTy's back on the drops ... kinda. 

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Fair warning: this episode starts a little heavy with discussion around the "Leaving Neverland" documentary about Michael Jackson but I promise things get much lighter and much funnier afterwards!

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There was a guy literally living under a rock, we're joining a lowrider car club, Mike uncovers an insurance scam, and Anderson and TyTy have some Netflix recommendations.

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NAMM, Masculism, Totem Poles, Racial Profiling, Teddy Roosevelt and so much more. All delivered with our unique brand of complete and total ignorance.

Mike and Tyler Go to NAMM ($5+ Patrons)

PIT Manuever gone wrong 

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There's a cat wandering the "studio," reading is good actually, Anderson used to have dreads, Mike's revolutionizing the dental industry, more Fyre Fest discussion, and of course, we talk about the show.


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Anderson took Atticus to his first hockey game, Mike is maybe joining a gym and TyTy has a documentary recommendation.

Trailer for the Hulu 'Fyre Fraud' doc:

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If there were a sales brochure for existence -- would you buy it?
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It's 2019 and things are-a-changin -- plus forgotten sculptors, bluegrass shamans, long cigs, document shredder alternatives and we find out how Anderson's potentially explosive Christmas went.

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