The After Disaster

Squirrels, death, lettuce wraps, urinal problems and solutions, Geraldo Rivera and oh so much more. And yet also, so much less.

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We've got AD 500 updates, an exploration of bullfrog sounds, a brief Godzilla discussion, Anderson wants you to watch kangaroos get massacred and we lose our minds watching video of a botched helicopter rescue.  

Botched helicopter rescue video:

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The cold open is the original "pondcast" discussion from AD #74: Good Ol' Male Ponding

After YEARS of promising to do a pondcast, we finally rented a swan boat and pedaled around a lake in Van Nuys for an hour.

If you'd like to see the video version of this episode, you can check it out on our Patreon page:

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Tyler's in a touchy feely mood, Mike felt the heat at a concert, and Anderson informs us about some very uh... unique pants.

Chase videos

Dog jumps out:

Final crash:

Ugly Outlaw hats

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Anderson had a big birthday surprise, we're Saturday Night Live's newest writers, and we've got a NEW idea for the big 500th ADstravaganza.

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Here's a Game of Thrones spoiler-free version of this week's episode. It's probably not PERFECT, but it's close.

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Anderson tried weed again, we repeatedly spoil Game of Thrones and someone sent us a big ol' package.

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Are Anderson and Mike so negative they’re positive? Is Tyler so positive he's actually negative? City Slickers gets mentioned way too much, we fall down a YouTube wormhole of vintage commercials, Sex Man is back from Cabo, and, oh yeah... Carano ALMOST DIED.

(And yes, we meant Jack Palance not Bruce Vilanch.)

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This week on the AD:
- Anderson has no notes.
- Mike likes to think he's evolved, but realizes that he has not.
- TyTy is in Mexico getting his Sex-man on, Mike and Anderson are not. 
- Tyler's son is calling everyone a Marshmallow for unknown reasons. 
- An email from a listener who has been fucking with us for years is read.
- And it's Mike's Birthday. 
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Anderson went to the snow, TyTy is easy to work with, Mike muses about toes and the podcast came perilously close to being ripped apart by the loss of a beloved member.


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We've got the KYLEBOARD, we're smashing record and never looking back. We're (still) talking SPAAACE, Anderson had a run-in with the law, Mike visited a famous death site, and TyTy's back on the drops ... kinda. 

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Fair warning: this episode starts a little heavy with discussion around the "Leaving Neverland" documentary about Michael Jackson but I promise things get much lighter and much funnier afterwards!

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There was a guy literally living under a rock, we're joining a lowrider car club, Mike uncovers an insurance scam, and Anderson and TyTy have some Netflix recommendations.

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NAMM, Masculism, Totem Poles, Racial Profiling, Teddy Roosevelt and so much more. All delivered with our unique brand of complete and total ignorance.

Mike and Tyler Go to NAMM ($5+ Patrons)

PIT Manuever gone wrong 

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There's a cat wandering the "studio," reading is good actually, Anderson used to have dreads, Mike's revolutionizing the dental industry, more Fyre Fest discussion, and of course, we talk about the show.


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Anderson took Atticus to his first hockey game, Mike is maybe joining a gym and TyTy has a documentary recommendation.

Trailer for the Hulu 'Fyre Fraud' doc:

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If there were a sales brochure for existence -- would you buy it?
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It's 2019 and things are-a-changin -- plus forgotten sculptors, bluegrass shamans, long cigs, document shredder alternatives and we find out how Anderson's potentially explosive Christmas went.

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