The After Disaster

The cold open is the original "pondcast" discussion from AD #74: Good Ol' Male Ponding

After YEARS of promising to do a pondcast, we finally rented a swan boat and pedaled around a lake in Van Nuys for an hour.

If you'd like to see the video version of this episode, you can check it out on our Patreon page:

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Tyler's in a touchy feely mood, Mike felt the heat at a concert, and Anderson informs us about some very uh... unique pants.

Chase videos

Dog jumps out:

Final crash:

Ugly Outlaw hats

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Anderson had a big birthday surprise, we're Saturday Night Live's newest writers, and we've got a NEW idea for the big 500th ADstravaganza.

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Here's a Game of Thrones spoiler-free version of this week's episode. It's probably not PERFECT, but it's close.

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Anderson tried weed again, we repeatedly spoil Game of Thrones and someone sent us a big ol' package.

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Are Anderson and Mike so negative they’re positive? Is Tyler so positive he's actually negative? City Slickers gets mentioned way too much, we fall down a YouTube wormhole of vintage commercials, Sex Man is back from Cabo, and, oh yeah... Carano ALMOST DIED.

(And yes, we meant Jack Palance not Bruce Vilanch.)

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