The After Disaster
  • We apparently have a 500th episode in like... 4 weeks?
  • Anderson has a new invention
  • Zac had an accident with his manhood
  • Anderson had a mishap with Atticus and some blue paint
  • A mysterious package from China arrived in the PO Box
  • and Mike and Anderson have some new sartorial desires
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Tyty is in London so Mike and Anderson are free to talk about what they really want to talk about, absolute and utter nonsense, so it's business as usual. 

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Squirrels, death, lettuce wraps, urinal problems and solutions, Geraldo Rivera and oh so much more. And yet also, so much less.

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We've got AD 500 updates, an exploration of bullfrog sounds, a brief Godzilla discussion, Anderson wants you to watch kangaroos get massacred and we lose our minds watching video of a botched helicopter rescue.  

Botched helicopter rescue video:

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