The After Disaster

It's our last episode before AD 500!

Few tickets still available:

In this episode:

Cue card stress, AD 500 stress, we're suing Bill Burr, full moons are confusing, a sad goodbye, the FBI and a "cooler full of penises," Vietnam War atrocities, and awkward things to tell your therapist.

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About a dozen AD #500 Tickets still available RIGHT HERE 
This week:
- Tyty is in Palm Springs and sounds awful.
- Mike likes all any and all waffles
- Anderson sucks per usual.
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About 20 AD #500 Tickets still available RIGHT HERE 

This week:

- We survived a big earthquake

- Doomsday preppers and the importance of properly marked survival bags

- Anderson doesn't know how to deal with his son's appreciation of a certain type of humor

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Big updates for AD 500! Tickets go on sale FRIDAY, July 5th at 10AM PST @

In this episode:

- AD 500 has a new and way improved location!

- Mike has joined... something

- Anderson had a terrible time giving a "sample" at the doctor's office

- Tyler is still going to fight Mike

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