The After Disaster

Angry bathroom mobs. Furries. Lesbian sex manuevers. Ridiculous shirts spotted at the gym. Straight white men thinking they know what people of other genders, backgrounds, and sexual orientations are thinking. It must be the After Disaster.

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A terrible fist bump has occured and Anderson had quite the time with an electric car this past weekend.

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Coffin beds, depraved haunted houses, shooting rats at the dump and banging questionably legal chicks on family vacation? It must be the After Disaster!

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Ignorance abounds in this episode. Lots of question asking, fruitless Googling, and then asking callers if they know anything about the subject. 

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What would you do if you knew the exact moment you were to perish? Were all composers child molesters? What will Anderson learn from his encounter with a gypsy?

All these questions and more will be answered on... THE AFTER DISASTER.

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You thought last week's episode was a downer. Welp...

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You're in for a wild ride on this steamy episode of the After Disaster.

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Please return your seat to the full, upright position -- your three favorite pabs are ready for takeoff.

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Bad boys, bad songs, bad customers, bad jobs for Carano -- this episode has it all.

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At long last, FartBarf is releasing their first album and join us in studio to celebrate!

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