The After Disaster

The guys talk about their Palm Springs getaway, listener Nick visits from Mississippi, and the guys make idiots of themselves talking about the South and a variety of other topics.

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We've made it a quarter of the way to 1,000 After Disasters. Yay? It his episode, a fish tells our fortunes, Anderson was felt up, Mike and Anderson discuss depression and Dr. Drew tries to counsel us all from New York. 

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Carano LOVES Jennifer Love Hewitt, road rage stories are shared, and a very important encounter with "Rotund" and Carano has occured... which causes Anderson to say something very terrible.

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On this week's show, there's drama in the security department, bugs in our homes, poetry in our hearts and a brand new game thats sweeping the nation. Oh, and we're still all going to die from ebola.



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(Note: This episode kicks off with the long intro we didn't play at the live show)

Anderson is back from camp and we're all going to die from ebola virus.

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We're back in studio discussing, what else, the show. We also lend ignorance to missing Malaysian planes and other stuff I can't remember right now. The lovely Tara Lynne Barr joins us as well. (Recorded 7/18/14)
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It's here, at last! Live audio recording of our first live show in front of a sold out crowd at the Hollywood Improv on Sautrday, July 12th.

Cannons, crowds, JLC, Dr. Drew, regrets, shings, cannons and one very unhappy old man, our first live Disaster had it all.

Prefer to watch this disaster unfold? Grab the video for just a lousy buck at


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The guys nervously regroup in the friendly confines of the Loveline studios for one last After Disaster before Saturday's first ever episode in front of a live audience.

Basically, it's the show where we talk about the show that we've been talking about on the show for the last 4 shows -- and that show is tomorrow!

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Ignorance a plenty when the guys discuss art, ancient civilizations, the end of days, and, of course, the upcoming live show.

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A Make-a-Wish kid wanted to shoot a polar bear, Anderson recalls a "genius" idea he came up with during his meth addled and Mike needs help painting a wall.

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