The After Disaster

Anderson was digging through old boxes and found some treasures and we learn a terrible fact about Mohels and circumcision.

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Listeners write in about their crappy jobs, Mike thinks women make terrible leaders and Anderson planned to kill a guy back in his meth addled days. (IF YOUR FILE WAS CUTTING OFF AFTER 30 MINS, REDOWNLOAD. SHOULD BE FIXED NOW)

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Anderson has a bone to pick with Mike (what's new?), deep discussions about the military and aphids, and then some guy has some major problems with his ex-wife's umbilical cord.

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A balloon came back from the dead and almost made Mike cry, Tyler phones in, and the guys recall the first impression they had of one another the firs ttime they met.

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Anderson and Mike are grumpy old men that hate everything. Tyler plays old, out of context drops... and they hate it. Also, Anderson has a new favorite song, realizes he was a douche, and recants a comment from a previous POD.

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The guys are addicted to Vine, get scared by thunder, and do all the other stuff you'd expect from an After Disaster episode.

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Anderson hit the slopes and Mike has plumbing problems.  And his toilet won't flush.

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This one's for you, Greg.

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The show gets off to a terrible start (shocking), Mike has a HUGE story (it's pretty good), Anderson got cluastrophobic at the aquarium and Tyler won't stop playing rimshots.

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The three amigos are reunited. Anderson went to a black barber shop, Mike is moving out, and Tyler makes fart noises.

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