The After Disaster

It's a tight 20-minute gift opening sesh on a curb in Los Angeles because we're a quality show that knows what their audience demands. Also, we had places to be. 


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What's the toughest boot camp? We're not sure -- but we are sure what the toughest "haunted house" is? Prepare for a story that will horrify you to your core. Okay, that might be a little melodramatic. Does anyone read these? K bye.

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Anderson hates people, crowds and places. So logically, he got a Disneyland pass! That and more on this week's AD.

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We're back from the Thanksgiving break with some holiday stories and a fear of bears.



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This week's AD was recorded at Lenny's Diner in Westwood, with special guest and friend of the show, Tara Lynne Barr. 

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This weeks AD was recorded at the world famous Hollywood Improv, the site of our first live show. This time... it's from a booth in the back of the room, in the middle of the day while the cleaning lady tidies up the place. So glamorous. 

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This week...

  • Anderson yelled at TyTy
  • Lauren got accosted at Starbucks
  • lots of Empire discussion
  • lots of Star Wars/Geore Lucas related chatter
  • sex dolls



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Anderson is back on American soil and brimming with tales from his European adventures. 

Smoke a cigar while listening for maximum enjoyment.


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Ciao! Anderson calls us from Venice, Italy on the penultimate night of he and Gillian's wild European excursion.

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Anderson's still galavanting around Europe, so here's our first official Diner Disaster (as referenced in AD #300) recorded on a miserably hot August afternoon at Patys Restaurant in Burbank.


We recommend you treat yourself to a tuna melt while listening. 

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