The After Disaster
AD #367: 100% Chance of Pain

Many people are saying 2016 was the worst year ever. What better way than to cap it off with an episode from the worst show ever.

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We've got the holiday spirit! Anderson's family was haunted by a sinister force at the zoo, Mike is trying to stay hip and TyTy witnessed a HORRIBLE crime -- but did he intervene?

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Tyler had an experience, Anderson is bad at "random drawings" and Mike has (another) massage story.


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Anderson is very angry and Mike bought a hat.


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Anderson went to Disneyland and while there, he let a Santa hold his baby. But was it an official Disney Santa? You be the judge.

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A little something to tide you over while you travel to your various dinners and familial obligations.

Mike messed up and used his good mic for Skype... but only recorded his shitty laptop mic. So, he sounds like ass. Sorry about that.

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Drone accidents, traffic accidents, awful hockey fans,... and we eat some crow in an attempt to repair the damage our podcast has done to this great nation.


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Trump is president! What does this mean? Are we even qualified to talk politics? Too bad because it's basically all we talked about for 90 minutes.

Oh and TyTy is president of the AD now. Many people are saying the results were rigged but I think those rumors are "Sad!"


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Anderson's ongoing bathroom saga, the history of tangerines, trolling in Seattle, and Mike... cares about baseball?!

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Anderson's kid is still alive, Mike's got new boots and Tyler's gotta go.
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