The After Disaster

Christmas came to Anderson's doorstep a little early this year. 

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Somehow this show didn't upload last week. So here it is THIS week.

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Anderson is O'Tannen-bummed out and he doesn't know why. He also reveals a friend's lie that Mike cannot wrap his mind around. Dr. Drew and Craig Shoemaker drop in briefly at the end, mainly to discuss Carano/Pinsky man-dates.

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Anderson gives us the details on his Thanksgiving trip to a zoo in Nevada where you can play with monkeys and otters.

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Mike reveals a startling fact. Will the After Disaster survive this shocking revelation? Steve O also drops by for the final moments of the show.

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There's gold in this thar podcast! Werner Herzog stops by,  Anderson's confused about gold, Mike laments the Sunset Strip's fading glory, the REAL Marcus finally calls in and we answer a couple more ADvice requests -- all whilst sipping cat poop coffee.

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We offer advice to listeners on a variety of topics they've written in about. 

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Mike and Anderson stall for 20 minutes until the star of the show, Tyler, can arrive.(They really shouldn't let me write these descriptions.)
Also Anderson and Mike are considering body scans, Anderson was the creepy neighbor on Halloween, and we all enjoy a new video clip that has come to our attention.

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It's Halloween! We start the show with a brand new version of Happy and thne play spooky sound effects that have nothing to do with anything we're discussing for the remainder of the program. But things get really scary when we discover what a proponent of a certain Miley Cyrus that Mike is...

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AD #209 is messed up -- will upload fixed file on Monday -- listen at your own peril

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Anderson saw a 12 Years a Slave, Mike wants to work in a pumpkin patch, and Tyler wants nothing to do with any of it.

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A depressed Tyler calls in and then hangs up. Anderson and Mike ramble about who-knows-what.

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We can't believe we sold (almost) all the coffins. Anderson almost died while riding his girl bike. Dr. Drew runs the board and does drops for the last 20 minutes. IT GETS LOUD.

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The pabs are reunited --- but get WAY too distracted by the Halloween ornaments they're decorating. If you're a new listener, you may want to avoid this one...

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Tyler is in New York, working the night shift and doesn't call in. He's also writing this in the third person and has no idea what was actually discussed in this episode. Enjoy!

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Mike and Anderson went on a ill-fated road trip and Tyler calls in from New York.

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Anderson, Mike and Tyler say things and do things.

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It's our 200(ish) episode! It also may (or may not) be our 3 year anniversary! In typical After Disaster fashion, we've prepared NOTHING. Anderson tells us about Hawaii, getting security called on him and a NEW secret AD yet to see the light of day. Carano is scared of ticks and went on a date with a special somebody. Tyler got a new tooth, is still on a jury, and contributes his usual load of nonsense.

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The moment we've all been waiting for... a phone call from our boy, none other than JLC.  Pwow son!

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Urinal ettiquette, jury duty, bad driving, a knife wielding maniac and more!

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Bus rides, illegal carnival gambling, spider hitchikers -- this Disaster has it all.

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Anderson explains the story behind his mysterious "this is real" Vine, Mike reveals a terrible thing he nearly said to a famous artist, and then we discuss janky carnivals with Dr. Drew.

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The boys are back in town... or back at midnight anyway. The most important thing toknow is that we get a box and we open it and freak out.

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I have no idea what happens in this epsiode, I got the title from randomply pressing play midway through. Please enjoy.

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Mike is wasting his money on fancy lozenges, Anderson has trouble with a fruit vendor, a mystery on his lawn, and the new Daft Punk album. Meanwhile, Mike thinks electronic musicians are worthless. Oh, and then there's more lozenge talk.

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Anderson has turned 40... and apparently become a lecherous creep. We also learn about toxoplasmosis, cicadas, the perils of the 405, and why Anderson is Dr. Drew's bastard son.

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The show kicks off with an incredibly ignorant conversation about a particular slur, Anderson got in trouble for photographing our ancestor, Mike didn't trust a shifty character at a restaurant, everyone knows what a rotary phone is, and Tyler shares some special news.

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Anderson yelled at his hula-hooping neighbor, Mike did an open mic night 14 years, Anderson has a great idea to get free drinks, and then we come up with a great new super hero... which Mike quickly turns into something highly offensive.

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Anderson had a weird moment at The Madonna Inn and had a strange visitor upon his doorstep.

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Anderson was digging through old boxes and found some treasures and we learn a terrible fact about Mohels and circumcision.

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Listeners write in about their crappy jobs, Mike thinks women make terrible leaders and Anderson planned to kill a guy back in his meth addled days. (IF YOUR FILE WAS CUTTING OFF AFTER 30 MINS, REDOWNLOAD. SHOULD BE FIXED NOW)

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Anderson has a bone to pick with Mike (what's new?), deep discussions about the military and aphids, and then some guy has some major problems with his ex-wife's umbilical cord.

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A balloon came back from the dead and almost made Mike cry, Tyler phones in, and the guys recall the first impression they had of one another the firs ttime they met.

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Anderson and Mike are grumpy old men that hate everything. Tyler plays old, out of context drops... and they hate it. Also, Anderson has a new favorite song, realizes he was a douche, and recants a comment from a previous POD.

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The guys are addicted to Vine, get scared by thunder, and do all the other stuff you'd expect from an After Disaster episode.

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Anderson hit the slopes and Mike has plumbing problems.  And his toilet won't flush.

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This one's for you, Greg.

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The show gets off to a terrible start (shocking), Mike has a HUGE story (it's pretty good), Anderson got cluastrophobic at the aquarium and Tyler won't stop playing rimshots.

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The three amigos are reunited. Anderson went to a black barber shop, Mike is moving out, and Tyler makes fart noises.

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Lots of yelling and then Paul McCartney calls up.

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Mike likes frogs, Anderson has possums under his house and everyone loves Tom Hardy.

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Spiders, worms, and worm spider talk plus much more with Anderson, Mike, Tyler and guest Diana.

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Mike is championing a new product (shocker), there's some thought provoking whip talk, Anderson brings some random facts, Tyler won't stop playing smooth jazz and then we make the poor choice of fielding phone calls.

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We forgot to hit record for the first 5 minutes, Mike doesn't understand 2001, Anderson can't finish Ghandi and is addicted to collecting old Christmas trees from around his neighborhood.

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