The After Disaster

Anderson is ANGERED, Mike is in search of pie, and TyTy might have the 'VID?

Desert monolith:

Fletwood Mac concert:

Traveling Willburys documentary:

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We're back at Gelsons talking spaaaace, a VERY big bus with a famous passenger, local meteorologists and vaccines.

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We're back at the Fifth. Mike reveals a grizzly discovery he made, Anderson has an idea for a new Vegas attraction, and TyTy's got "one weird trick" for scoring 'shrooms. 

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(Recorded Nov 5, 9pm PT)

With tree rats scurrying around our cars, and DeLoreans gassing up across the street, we yell about the election and the controversies surrounding it. And then we yell about the US election too. 

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Anderson has a bone to pick with TyTy... who has a bone to pick with Anderson and we all have a bone to pick with the power company. 

Anderson's mic switches and sounds like shit halfway through the episode for about 15 minutes. It gets better again though. Thanks for bearing with this mess. 

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We're back at the Fifth where Anderson forces Mike to relive one of the most embarrassing moments of his life... but he's got a reason.

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We're back at Gelson's and we saw a thing

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We're back at, where else, The Fifth and BOY has a lot of stuff happened since last week's show. But most importantly: can we eat acorns or not?


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Someone almost lost some fingers, Dennis Rodman is trolling for babes at chili dog shops, a dentist did a bad bad thing, and TyTy is profiting off the likeness of a certain Keith "Mike" Carano.

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We're back at The Fifth ogling skate punks, the perils of making ice cream, bondo regrets, a nut-based crime and Mike's one-of-a-kind debate strategy he'd like to offer Joe Biden.

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Didn't get a chance to record until Thursday, but we're back together SANS cars but TyTy was in a hammock, which, Dr. FOWCHEEEEE says is even safer than a mask. Maybe.

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We're back at The Fifth parking lot and... we have company... again.

If you want some siiiick tyedye masks, support a fellow pab:


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We got together (remotely) to record another AD for your quarantine pleasure.

Hello Booty Mike:

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