The After Disaster

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Beauty's in Costa Rica and Mike and TyTy are NOT in a parking lot...

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We're Pfizer phfriends, there‚Äôs a gym update, Anderson tried to get people to call him Slick,  Mike has an idea for the most extreme ALIENS movie yet, TyTy's got a solution for dealing with big game poachers, and Anderson nearly loses his mind looking at a certain man's haircut.

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Mike was a hero, sensei developments, Phil Collins drops by, tree rat updates and more. 

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Anderson is mad at new terms he didn't invent, Mike's on edge, Atticus saw things he never should have, we violate HIPAA, Tyler has to make amends, and we're very curious what Groot is packing down there.

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Back in the warm embrace of the Gelson's parking lot, we discuss Shake Shack, hammers, Anderson's big idea for car engines, underwear access hatches,, wild west duels, and the fact that some of our listeners really need to value their time better.


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Fallout from last week's announcement, a long distance massage, an update on Anderson's incision and we've got questions about hot air balloons. 

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