The After Disaster

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Tyler is back from Mexico... and he brought something with him.

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Mike and Anderson wander around California City while Tyler galavants around Mexico. 

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Basking in the afterglow of 600 episodes we revisit the events that transpired after the recorder hit stop plus dentists, lawyers, the Amish , lobsters, lakes and other stuff I cant remember right now.
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We're boat people now. Men of the sea. Manly mariners. Yacht daddies. Boat bois. Catamaran Kings. Sail studs. You choose. But whatever it is, that's what we are now.
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We're porchcasting from TyTy's place with fears of speed bags and fathers, new ways to ride horses, and some far out space ideas.

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Rats, possums, gangbangers , covert pineapple plantings, middle school ass beatings and more! 

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Mike got a roommate, Anderson discovered a terrifying bird, TyTy has a harebrained idea for the original Jurassic Park film, and then we get way too into production company logos.
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We're back on the President's Porch to - among other things - spy on mail carriers, reveal Big Sur's dark incestuous past and tell the tale of an evil, evil turtle.
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Weird energy in this long-ass episode. 
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Mike is jonesing for craft sodas and Anderson has a huge update about something that went down with Atty's sensei! 
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The three pabs are, at long last, reunited in-person within the confines of Mike's apartment to discuss barrels, Anderson's trip, barrels, Anderson's Price Is Right appearance, barrels, a rodent crisis, barrels, and also barrels. 


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Anderson is soaking up the PURA VIDA of Costa Rica (with much better audio this time) while Mike and TyTy are soaking up just regular-ass vida.

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Beauty's in Costa Rica and Mike and TyTy are NOT in a parking lot...

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