The After Disaster

The guys talk about their Palm Springs getaway, listener Nick visits from Mississippi, and the guys make idiots of themselves talking about the South and a variety of other topics.

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We've made it a quarter of the way to 1,000 After Disasters. Yay? It his episode, a fish tells our fortunes, Anderson was felt up, Mike and Anderson discuss depression and Dr. Drew tries to counsel us all from New York. 

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Carano LOVES Jennifer Love Hewitt, road rage stories are shared, and a very important encounter with "Rotund" and Carano has occured... which causes Anderson to say something very terrible.

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On this week's show, there's drama in the security department, bugs in our homes, poetry in our hearts and a brand new game thats sweeping the nation. Oh, and we're still all going to die from ebola.



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(Note: This episode kicks off with the long intro we didn't play at the live show)

Anderson is back from camp and we're all going to die from ebola virus.

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