The After Disaster

It's a tight 20-minute gift opening sesh on a curb in Los Angeles because we're a quality show that knows what their audience demands. Also, we had places to be. 


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What's the toughest boot camp? We're not sure -- but we are sure what the toughest "haunted house" is? Prepare for a story that will horrify you to your core. Okay, that might be a little melodramatic. Does anyone read these? K bye.

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Anderson hates people, crowds and places. So logically, he got a Disneyland pass! That and more on this week's AD.

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We're back from the Thanksgiving break with some holiday stories and a fear of bears.



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This week's AD was recorded at Lenny's Diner in Westwood, with special guest and friend of the show, Tara Lynne Barr. 

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This weeks AD was recorded at the world famous Hollywood Improv, the site of our first live show. This time... it's from a booth in the back of the room, in the middle of the day while the cleaning lady tidies up the place. So glamorous. 

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This week...

  • Anderson yelled at TyTy
  • Lauren got accosted at Starbucks
  • lots of Empire discussion
  • lots of Star Wars/Geore Lucas related chatter
  • sex dolls



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Anderson is back on American soil and brimming with tales from his European adventures. 

Smoke a cigar while listening for maximum enjoyment.


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Ciao! Anderson calls us from Venice, Italy on the penultimate night of he and Gillian's wild European excursion.

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Anderson's still galavanting around Europe, so here's our first official Diner Disaster (as referenced in AD #300) recorded on a miserably hot August afternoon at Patys Restaurant in Burbank.


We recommend you treat yourself to a tuna melt while listening. 

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This week on the progrum: 

  • Anderson went to Festival Supreme
  • Mike had a nostalgic moment of insomnia
  • Tyler found his happy place
  • and so much more!

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This week on the progrum: 

  • Anderson had QUITE a night
  • We revisit the delight that is the "San Francisco Jacks"
  • We try to explain "Empire" to Mike
  • and so much more!

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This week on the progrum: 

  • we have recording issues
  • anderson gets a new roof
  • mike loves foie gras
  • we talk Cold Cockle night
  • tyler snaps his toes 
  • and so much more!

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This week on the progrum:

  • Anderson can't stop plugging his upcoming shows
  • Mike wants to score codeine
  • Tyler "stopped" a burglary 
  • Two tales of nail-related injuries
  • Other shit

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Anderson took us out to his favorite ADventuring trail... Or did he? 


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We're back together talking hot Russian doctor, cringey Anderson stories, old commercials and enjoying some of the fabulous voicemails listeners have left on our line: (424) 287-7227

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(From deep within the AD vault)

MAY 17, 2012 -- Anderson, Mike and Tyler are reunited once more. Rhune joins in on the fun and we all nearly die from super spicy candy. There's also lots of talk about blow jobs and how much they should cost.

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AD #300: This Place Is A Zoo

Against all odds, we've lasted five years and recorded 300 episodes (give or take) of this thing called The After Disaster. We listen to some voicemails, field some awesome Open and Honests and look back at the last five years and our plans for the show's future -- all while a heroin addict ogles us from the top of a cave.


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Skype: theafterdisaster

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This week you'll hear about Anderson's trip to sensitivity training, Mike's long-suffering pants/shorts saga, a tale of road rage, Tyler's odd encounter with Morrissey and a startling hair-related revelation.

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We're all in a very special mood tonight, including our special guest Tara. 

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Anderson is back from the camp he volunteers at every year and has a multitude of stories. You may have heard his previous camp ADventures, but he's never woven such an immersive tale as this. By the end, you'll feel like a camper yourself. 


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We recorded this on Saturday (7/25) in Anderson's backyard before Beauty went off to camp. 

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The three of us are reunited and ready to fill your ears with ignorance again! We spil the details on the Destination Disaster (available here:, Tyler's convo with Judd Apatow about Mike, Anderson's trip to Washington D.C., the Confederate Flag, caves, Muslims, and a dude who took a giant metal rod through his head in the 1800s. 

It's about as ignorant as it sounds. Enjoy!

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AD #294: The AD Gets Zitty!

Anderson and Mike leave their comfort zones and join the gals from the Getting Zitty podcast in a hot tub. Tyler misses out because of something called, "a job."

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AD #293: Something Is Missing

Tyler is out celebrating his wedding anniversary, so Anderson and Mike try to find a replacement on Craigslist.

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What gas station has the lowest gas prices near you? Catch this and MORE scintillating chat on this week's After Disaster.

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AD #291: Trying To Eat Quietly

Tyler's in Italy. Anderson and Mike go out to eat, then to a bar.

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Goddamit you guys.

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Featuring special guest, Kevin "Gouda" Schatz.

Anderson met Mike's dad, is having troubles with his trash cans and has a "great" new tip for drying your hands. We also tackle a rather difficult ADvice email and read an email taking us to task for our ignorance of Middle America. 


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Anderson regales us with harrowing tales of adventuring and we all eat some questionable things sent to the PO Box.

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We get into a lengthy discussion about a touchy subject, a selfie gone wrong and so much more. 


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Anderson has a hot Russian doctor story and a tale of golfing gone wrong, Tyler's sloshed from a party and Tara Lynne Barr joins the fun. 

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We check in with an old friend with a terrible job, we tiptoe into Mike's neurosis, we "invent" a new comedic device, and we open a couple packages at the VERY end of the show. 

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We're back, we're in a weird studio, Anderson has a new passion and someone sent us something to the PO Box that is... alivel

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(An upload from the vault of past shows not currently available on our feed.)

May 25, 2012 -- Anderson was caught doing something shameful in his kitchen, callers call in with their (lack of) talents, we listen to our latest Parent Review, and then come up with our latest hair brained idea that will never come to fruition.

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Birthday boy Keith has big plans for this calendar year, Anderson had an awkward encounter with a cholo and the PO Box continues to overflow with goodies.  

Get in on the fun: After Disaster, PO Box 570058, Tarzana, CA 91357

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More PO Box surprises, updates on Anderson's dad, drunk regrets and we begin our obsession with a crazy film from the 70's.

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Anderson's dad's new living arrangements haven't exactly gone as planned, Tyler's tipsy and insists on being in the same room as Mike and Anderson, and listeners are sending us WORK in the new P.O. Box.

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We're vaping our gourds off, opening mysterious packages and discussing the beach, Anderson's p.o.s car and the troubles our podcast has created for at least one fine gentlemen.

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Chance encounters, patricide, ad sliced bread, 

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Anderson has a new favorite band and a new not-favorite movie, we discuss pitching our show on Shark Tank, and then we forget to mention our sponsor Craft Vapery. 


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This opening is one for the ages. Ty Ty is trying to call in and things go predictably awful, Anderson made a special delivery, and intrpduced Mike to the wonderful world of banh mi sandwiches and the group plans their next "special" After Disaster that will probably end up in one, if not all three, of them dead. 

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AD #276: Bob's Big Dinner Debacle

We're off to dinner at Bob's Big Boy in Burbank and we'd love for you to join us. Best experienced with headphones for full pab-o-matic surround sound. 


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Anderson's colonoscopy is around the corner, Mike might have gotten the hot Russian doctor fired and much more.

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Colonoscopies, old school dirty websites, and so much more. 

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Anderson introduces us to a "Puddle's Pity Party," Mike wants to train animals to fight our wars, there's a movie about hippo meat we can't wait for, Mike's not sure if he's down with OPP (or what it even means) and Anderson has his latest idea he hopes will take the internet by storm.

Snuff said.

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First off: You can hear all of this week. Progress!

Second: Prepare for some sweet, sweet sasquatch talk, the harrowing tale of Mike's visit to Anderson's hot Russian doctor, Anderson's dad's latest adventure, and we get introduced a book called SHOW ME.

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It's our last night at the old Westwood One studio and Anderson and Mike try to get to the root of Anthony the security guard's mysterious methods. Tyler, dealing with a sick cat at home, calls in. Oh and did I mention you can't hear any of the calls? 

Overall, a fitting, disasterous tribute to our last show of the Westwood One studios era.

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How's THAT for a title? 

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Anderson is a hero, Mike hates women in offices and their complicated sandwich orders, and Tyler tells a RIVETING story about buying random things at Petco. Tara and THE Stephen Hawking also join us.

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The boys are back in town and sharing stories from over break, playing with obnoxious new gifts, exploring extra terrestrials and trying to decipher jokes dictated to Anderson by drunken old men.

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