The After Disaster

*From deep within our disappointing vaults, hailing from the year 2011, comes a true AD classic.*

On a very special Thanksgiving edition of the After Disaster, we discuss turkeys, awkward Thanksgiving family dinners, and Anderson shares some wonderful tips for around the house.

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AD #263: Serial Creepers

There's no Serial this week so you have no excuse to miss out on this week's idiocy.

Anderson filmed another short, we've found a new band to obsess over, Mike loves tragedies that don't effect him and then there's a questionably creepy discussion about beautiful ladies of the under-18 variety.

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The inevitable has happened - an injury, of the skating variety. Also., we've got a VERY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT just in time for the holidays!

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Anderson has an upsetting "dad memory," Mike got in a screaming match with his family, and Tyler may be a little tipsy.


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Ths episode contains: "Nightcrawler" talk, skateboards, haunted houses, friendships on the virge of implosion, live show drama, secrets, microphones being turned off and on, and the realization that Dr. Drew is trying to destroy The After Disaster.

And yes, this episode's title is a reference to 'The Room.'

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