The After Disaster

We're a week out from our live Christmas show and Anderson has a "great" idea for a new religion. Diana and Miss Movies also join us.

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The live show is just around the corner, Anderson is in MOOD, and there's a hearty discussion about Serial, flatulance, and a Serial episode about flatulance.

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Don't miss some embarassing Anderson stories and a bunch of hot, sexy French Dip talk in this thrilling episode of the After Disaster. 

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*From deep within our disappointing vaults, hailing from the year 2011, comes a true AD classic.*

On a very special Thanksgiving edition of the After Disaster, we discuss turkeys, awkward Thanksgiving family dinners, and Anderson shares some wonderful tips for around the house.

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AD #263: Serial Creepers

There's no Serial this week so you have no excuse to miss out on this week's idiocy.

Anderson filmed another short, we've found a new band to obsess over, Mike loves tragedies that don't effect him and then there's a questionably creepy discussion about beautiful ladies of the under-18 variety.

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The inevitable has happened - an injury, of the skating variety. Also., we've got a VERY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT just in time for the holidays!

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Anderson has an upsetting "dad memory," Mike got in a screaming match with his family, and Tyler may be a little tipsy.


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Ths episode contains: "Nightcrawler" talk, skateboards, haunted houses, friendships on the virge of implosion, live show drama, secrets, microphones being turned off and on, and the realization that Dr. Drew is trying to destroy The After Disaster.

And yes, this episode's title is a reference to 'The Room.'

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A mysterious package appears, a new listener offers feedback and Dr. Bruce drops in to school our asses on ebola. 

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AD #258: Tazed and Confused

Suge Knight is (probably) coming for us, we've got more skateboarding updates (obviously) and we got a box full of shocking surprises from a listener.

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The guys discuss death, dreams. their skateboards, Big Sur, helicopters and more.

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AD #256.5: We Did Something Terrible in the Desert (Prong Prings)

**This only counts as half an episode. If you're new to the AD, you may want to skip.**

On our recent four year anniversary, we trekked out to Palm Springs, rented a house, and recorded this abomination of a podcast. Please... enjoy?

Oh, and get in the tub.

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AD #256: The Blacker Disaster

Midnight comes a little blacker when three black gentlemen - Avery, Dante and Doye - join us in studio to help us solve the world's race issues. Marcus (the real one) joins via phone in San Diego.

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Anderson has a new friend and can't understand gym towels, Mike had an erotic experience with Rose McGowan and a door, and Tyler has a new hobby that may have disastrous consequences for all three pabs.

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A mysterious package arrives from Ireland... and things go downhill from there. 

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A cult has been formed, filmed and disbanded. Mike has made a purchase of the vehicular sort. An Australian dwelling has us excited and the Dalai Lama is stirring the pot. 

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An albino cobra is on the loose in LA and Mike is terrified. Then, things take a turn for the awkward when Anderson confronts Tyler's wife on-air. Have friendships been ruined forever? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure... it's a Disaster! 

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The guys talk about their Palm Springs getaway, listener Nick visits from Mississippi, and the guys make idiots of themselves talking about the South and a variety of other topics.

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We've made it a quarter of the way to 1,000 After Disasters. Yay? It his episode, a fish tells our fortunes, Anderson was felt up, Mike and Anderson discuss depression and Dr. Drew tries to counsel us all from New York. 

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Carano LOVES Jennifer Love Hewitt, road rage stories are shared, and a very important encounter with "Rotund" and Carano has occured... which causes Anderson to say something very terrible.

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On this week's show, there's drama in the security department, bugs in our homes, poetry in our hearts and a brand new game thats sweeping the nation. Oh, and we're still all going to die from ebola.



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(Note: This episode kicks off with the long intro we didn't play at the live show)

Anderson is back from camp and we're all going to die from ebola virus.

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We're back in studio discussing, what else, the show. We also lend ignorance to missing Malaysian planes and other stuff I can't remember right now. The lovely Tara Lynne Barr joins us as well. (Recorded 7/18/14)
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It's here, at last! Live audio recording of our first live show in front of a sold out crowd at the Hollywood Improv on Sautrday, July 12th.

Cannons, crowds, JLC, Dr. Drew, regrets, shings, cannons and one very unhappy old man, our first live Disaster had it all.

Prefer to watch this disaster unfold? Grab the video for just a lousy buck at


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The guys nervously regroup in the friendly confines of the Loveline studios for one last After Disaster before Saturday's first ever episode in front of a live audience.

Basically, it's the show where we talk about the show that we've been talking about on the show for the last 4 shows -- and that show is tomorrow!

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Ignorance a plenty when the guys discuss art, ancient civilizations, the end of days, and, of course, the upcoming live show.

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A Make-a-Wish kid wanted to shoot a polar bear, Anderson recalls a "genius" idea he came up with during his meth addled and Mike needs help painting a wall.

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Anderson is back from Mexico and Mike is stressing about our upcoming live show. 

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Brace yourself for the mother of sorta-announcements! And turtle sex audio! 

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Angry bathroom mobs. Furries. Lesbian sex manuevers. Ridiculous shirts spotted at the gym. Straight white men thinking they know what people of other genders, backgrounds, and sexual orientations are thinking. It must be the After Disaster.

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A terrible fist bump has occured and Anderson had quite the time with an electric car this past weekend.

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Coffin beds, depraved haunted houses, shooting rats at the dump and banging questionably legal chicks on family vacation? It must be the After Disaster!

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Ignorance abounds in this episode. Lots of question asking, fruitless Googling, and then asking callers if they know anything about the subject. 

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What would you do if you knew the exact moment you were to perish? Were all composers child molesters? What will Anderson learn from his encounter with a gypsy?

All these questions and more will be answered on... THE AFTER DISASTER.

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You thought last week's episode was a downer. Welp...

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You're in for a wild ride on this steamy episode of the After Disaster.

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Please return your seat to the full, upright position -- your three favorite pabs are ready for takeoff.

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Bad boys, bad songs, bad customers, bad jobs for Carano -- this episode has it all.

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At long last, FartBarf is releasing their first album and join us in studio to celebrate!

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Anderson is upset about something, Tyler met a terrible bar back, and Mike plans you the perfect day trip.

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House of Cards, pretty vaginas and so much more.

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Anderson is obsessed with a short from the 60's called "A Day with The Boys" and we answer some ADvice emails.

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After a two week break, we're back! Anderson did bad things in a bathroom, Mike's going to Vegas, Tyler went to Laughlin and some creepy towns on Route 66 and we discover a terrible new song.

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Behold, the ACTUAL first episode of what would eventually become the After Disaster. We thought it had been lost to the sands of time, but much to our surpise, listener Aaron recorded the Disaster's maiden voyage.

The quality isn't the greatest, and there aren't any cannon drops, but it sure is a Disaster. We hope you enjoy this slice of After Disaster history from August 20, 2010.

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Mike laments the clique-ridden world of podcasts, Anderson yells about Olympics and White Priveledge and we listen to the Jamaican bobsled team's amazing new theme song. Fun fact: Mike immediately went on Mike and Drew's podcast after this episode and did everything he says he hates.

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Anderson shares stories of his film shoot, Mike is in love with Los Angeles transportation and Dr. Drew is having an exisential crisis about his profession.

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Mike wants to flee to the Salton Sea (for reals this time), Anderson heard wrinkly, naked men discussing ObamaCare and we listen to some interesting Russian choir music. DVK and Un-Locketts also join us.

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A thoughtful, educated, indepth examination of sexuality. Plus lots of boobs, butts, weiners and ladybits talk.

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Boob talk abounds in this well endowed episode. We also answer some emails and give our trademark (horrible) advice.

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We're finally all back together in the same place and talking whales, drug addicted dolphins, creepy gym guys, inappropriate texts, gambling, Mike's terrible salesmanship and so much more.

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Already our best and yet worst show of the year.

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