The After Disaster

We recorded this on Saturday (7/25) in Anderson's backyard before Beauty went off to camp. 

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The three of us are reunited and ready to fill your ears with ignorance again! We spil the details on the Destination Disaster (available here:, Tyler's convo with Judd Apatow about Mike, Anderson's trip to Washington D.C., the Confederate Flag, caves, Muslims, and a dude who took a giant metal rod through his head in the 1800s. 

It's about as ignorant as it sounds. Enjoy!

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AD #294: The AD Gets Zitty!

Anderson and Mike leave their comfort zones and join the gals from the Getting Zitty podcast in a hot tub. Tyler misses out because of something called, "a job."

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AD #293: Something Is Missing

Tyler is out celebrating his wedding anniversary, so Anderson and Mike try to find a replacement on Craigslist.

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What gas station has the lowest gas prices near you? Catch this and MORE scintillating chat on this week's After Disaster.

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