The After Disaster

Mike reveals a startling fact. Will the After Disaster survive this shocking revelation? Steve O also drops by for the final moments of the show.

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There's gold in this thar podcast! Werner Herzog stops by,  Anderson's confused about gold, Mike laments the Sunset Strip's fading glory, the REAL Marcus finally calls in and we answer a couple more ADvice requests -- all whilst sipping cat poop coffee.

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We offer advice to listeners on a variety of topics they've written in about. 

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Mike and Anderson stall for 20 minutes until the star of the show, Tyler, can arrive.(They really shouldn't let me write these descriptions.)
Also Anderson and Mike are considering body scans, Anderson was the creepy neighbor on Halloween, and we all enjoy a new video clip that has come to our attention.

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It's Halloween! We start the show with a brand new version of Happy and thne play spooky sound effects that have nothing to do with anything we're discussing for the remainder of the program. But things get really scary when we discover what a proponent of a certain Miley Cyrus that Mike is...

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