The After Disaster

A mysterious package appears, a new listener offers feedback and Dr. Bruce drops in to school our asses on ebola. 

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AD #258: Tazed and Confused

Suge Knight is (probably) coming for us, we've got more skateboarding updates (obviously) and we got a box full of shocking surprises from a listener.

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The guys discuss death, dreams. their skateboards, Big Sur, helicopters and more.

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AD #256.5: We Did Something Terrible in the Desert (Prong Prings)

**This only counts as half an episode. If you're new to the AD, you may want to skip.**

On our recent four year anniversary, we trekked out to Palm Springs, rented a house, and recorded this abomination of a podcast. Please... enjoy?

Oh, and get in the tub.

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AD #256: The Blacker Disaster

Midnight comes a little blacker when three black gentlemen - Avery, Dante and Doye - join us in studio to help us solve the world's race issues. Marcus (the real one) joins via phone in San Diego.

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