The After Disaster

Anderson has a bone to pick with TyTy... who has a bone to pick with Anderson and we all have a bone to pick with the power company. 

Anderson's mic switches and sounds like shit halfway through the episode for about 15 minutes. It gets better again though. Thanks for bearing with this mess. 

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We're back at the Fifth where Anderson forces Mike to relive one of the most embarrassing moments of his life... but he's got a reason.

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We're back at Gelson's and we saw a thing

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We're back at, where else, The Fifth and BOY has a lot of stuff happened since last week's show. But most importantly: can we eat acorns or not?


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Someone almost lost some fingers, Dennis Rodman is trolling for babes at chili dog shops, a dentist did a bad bad thing, and TyTy is profiting off the likeness of a certain Keith "Mike" Carano.

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